Bret’s Parents

Bill: Dad was born on August 12 and died due to complications from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) on August 3, 2002. I miss him terribly. We used to call each other on the phone during football, basketball, and baseball games. It was our way of watching the game together. It’s just not as much fun to watch games anymore. We had a lot of fun telling jokes and just making each other laugh.

When he got sick, I really thought he was going to be okay. Even as he got weaker, I always thought that the disease was going to stop its progress and just take away the use of his arms. It didn’t turn out that way. His death was very rough on me; it’s been over eight years, and it still hurts. I admittedly didn’t handle it very well, but I think I’m getting better. 🙂

Barb: Mom’s birthday is March 14. She took over the family business when Dad passed away and ran it herself for a few years. Now she works part-time for a printing shop in Austin and at The Oaks in Hayfield. She recently got new golf clubs and can REALLY smack a drive!

She helped paint the interior of our new house. Once Lisa decided on the colors, Mom came down and helped me paint six rooms. If you see any spots where paint touched the ceiling, that’s Mom’s fault. I was very neat.

Lisa’s Parents

Chico: Lisa is going to write a little something about her dad. He’s a White Sox and Packer fan, but a pretty decent guy otherwise. His birthday is July 23, just 10 days after his beloved firstborn’s. He recently retired from ARTCO Fleeting Service and now spends more time in the barbershop in his home, serving some grandchildren of his earliest clients.

Gretchen: Again, Lisa will write this blurb. Gretchen’s birthday is on January 24, making it really convenient to buy birthday and Christmas gifts at the same time. I can’t even put in a good mother-in-law joke here, because we get along quite well. (She did threaten to withhold permission for me & Lisa to get married, but that was because I was having fun sliding the car around in the snow once. I think she’s forgiven me.)