Nieces & Nephews

From oldest to youngest, meet our nieces & nephews!

Megan: Birthday, Jan. 1

As you can tell from the picture, Megan likes hanging out at her family cabin on the lake in northern Minnesota. She also enjoys playing soccer & piano. Megan understands the burden that comes with being a first-born. 😉

Ellie: Birthday, Jan. 1

Yep, Ellie & Megan share a birthday! Ellie is a great athlete, starring on both her basketball and softball teams. She and Lisa have enjoyed writing a book together, with each person writing every other chapter.

Adam: Birthday, July 3

Adam is a great big brother to both Sean & Rachel. He’s a member of the Appleton Boychoir and is also learning how to play piano. His dad has brainwashed him into thinking the Packers are better than the Vikings. Hard to believe from someone who is on the honor roll of his school!

Sean: Birthday, July 12

This past summer, Sean was one of the best players on his soccer team. He also likes camping and participating in other activities with the Boy Scouts. Sean had his stage debut in June of 2009, stealing the spotlight as “Monkey #1.”

Ryan: Birthday, Dec. 23

Ryan loves playing computer and video games and he’s really good, especially at “Rock Band.” When he steps away from the video games, Rhino (could also be spelled Ryno) is a pretty good baseball player. He also likes fishing up at the cabin.

Owen: Birthday, Dec. 29

Like his brother, Owen loves to play Wii games. His nickname is “Bubba,” even though I think I’m the only one that calls him that. Owen likes going to school and playing with his big brother.

Rachel: Birthday, Sept. 2

Rachel will always be known as the girl who made a dramatic announcement at our house on Thanksgiving. She loves to play “Littlest Pet Shop” with Lisa. If she’s not being shy of you, Rachel may show you her patented Wii bowling technique!