Ninth Annual Bill Nason Memorial Tournament

The Ninth Annual tournament was held Wednesday, August 3rd at the Oaks Country Club near Hayfield, MN. The weather was fantastic, despite the threat of rain earlier in the day. My cousin Curt let us use his customized “Twins” golf cart. That guy might be a bigger Twins fan than I am!

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the score card, but I think I won. In fact, I believe I’ve won it each year since the inaugural tournament in 2003. I could be wrong about that, but I’m sticking to that story until someone shows me the official records. Of course, in THIS tournament, using your toe wedge and throwing the ball out of a sand trap are not only allowed, they’re encouraged. (If you knew my dad, you’ll understand why.)

Mom, Brenda and I had a good time golfing and playing a few card games Wednesday night. My contribution to the festivities was a large Mabe’s pizza that I brought from Decorah. Brenda left Thursday morning and Mom & I went golfing with Paul, Kay, & Phil. Again, I think I won, but I don’t have a score card. If memory serves, I shot somewhere around 38 on the front nine and 39 on the back nine. I’m pretty sure my relatives will back me up on that. After golf, we had dinner together at the country club and then headed home.

Another successful BNMT!