After the 2011 Bill Nason Memorial Tournament, I drove to the Twin Cities to pick up Mark at the airport. Mark was my law partner until he left private practice to take a position with the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office. For the past few years, we’ve gone to see the Twins and Brewers play an interleague series in both Milwaukee and Minneapolis. This year, it didn’t work out for us to see any Twins/Brewers games, as they played on back-to-back weekends, right after Lisa and I returned from Italy.

We decided to go to a few games anyway. Mark flew from Milwaukee to Minneapolis on August 5th, I picked him up at the airport, we stayed at a hotel and saw the Twins play the White Sox Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. After the Sunday game, I dropped him off at the airport and drove home. In September, we’re going to see the Brewers play the Phillies in Milwaukee. We agreed to become fans of the home team for these two series. I bought Mark a Twins shirt and he’s going to get me a Brewers shirt or cap in September.

Although the Twins lost both games, we had fun. My cousin Curt let us use his season tickets, so we had great seats. On Sunday afternoon, three foul balls off Joe Mauer’s bat landed within ten feet of our seats. The first was caught by a young man two rows in front of us, just before it hit his mom in the head. One pitch later, a second ball flew right at us. Mark reached up and had it in his hand for a moment, but it spun out, bounced off a couple people behind us, and landed in the aisle. My cat-like reflexes allowed me to beat everyone to the ball and I fought a sizable mob to recover it! Okay, no one else was diving for it, it was right at my feet, and I just bent over to grab it. Still, it was pretty cool. A kid sitting four rows in front of us on the other side of the aisle brought his glove and caught another foul about 3 pitches later.

The Twins were honoring the 1991 World Series championship team over the weekend. The trophy was on display and the team was introduced on the field before Sunday’s game. A few of the players led the crowd in “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. We also saw the Kirby Puckett memorabilia area in the Delta SKY 360 Legend’s Club. Some pretty neat stuff, including game-used equipment and one of his Gold Glove awards.

My friend Doug met us for breakfast Sunday morning. I hadn’t seen him for awhile, so it was nice to finally get together. We went for a short drive in his new car and then Mark & I went to the ballpark, where we met Robby Incmikoski while he was setting up for the pregame show. He seemed like a nice guy and appeared interested while talking with me and Mark for a couple of minutes. (No, I don’t think he really cared, but he did a good job acting like he did.)

I’ve been to a few games at Target Field, and I still love it. The view of the skyline is great and outdoor baseball can’t be beat. A few rainouts here and there are worth the move from the Dome, in my opinion.