Another travel day. We took the train to Rome (much easier this time, as we kind of knew our way around the train station) and arrived at our hotel around 2:00. I did get taken in by a guy posing as an official tourist assistant who convinced me to take his buddy’s cab to the hotel. I ended up overpaying for the cab ride by about $30. Oh well, live and learn.

We found a laundromat and went to do laundry. The manager of the place was really helpful. He showed us where everything was & how long things would take. While the clothes were in the machines, Lisa & I sat at a small sidewalk cafe, had a drink, and relaxed. The laundry took a little over an hour, and we were back at the hotel around 4:30.

The hotel didn’t have the biggest rooms, the best service, or the most friendly staff, but the rooftop terrace was great! It had a beautiful view of Rome, comfortable seating, and lots of shade. Plus, the bartenders were a lot friendlier than the other workers. We sat up there for a couple of hours and ordered supper around 7:00.

We went to sleep a little early again, as we had to be ready to board the van for our trip to Pompeii & the Amalfi coast at 6:45 the next morning.