We got up early to get to the airport in time for our flight home. The cab ride was about 40 minutes (and cost 50 euro. Ouch!)

It was a lot easier getting through the airport than it was when we arrived in Italy two weeks ago. The security lines were fairly short & quite efficient. I didn’t like hauling our bags onto a bus to ride to the plane and then hiking up the boarding steps, but it wasn’t terrible. I’m just accustomed to walking through the gate, over the gangway, and directly onto the plane. As we learned in Ed Psych, we like what we know.

Being self-employed, it was difficult to leave work for two weeks. I’ll see if I have any angry phone messages when we land in a few hours, but I set aside a little time each day to answer emails. Most of my clients were understanding once I explained that I was out of the country and would give more detailed answers after I returned to work. Court notices are all via email, so I was able to keep tabs on all my pending cases.

I’m typing this about 2 hours after takeoff. We had a great vacation. As it was our first trip to Europe, we made a few mistakes, but nothing major. I probably overpaid for a few things, but the experiences we had were priceless. We met a lot of nice people, ate a lot of delicious food, saw some beautiful sights, & Lisa saw more than 20 Rick Steves travel guides (which was always a good conversation starter). We hope to go back again someday. With our flexible schedules, maybe we’ll be able to travel more in the coming years.