Today was our last full day in Rome, and we made it count!

We purchased the Roma Pass, which allowed us to see a few sites for free and others at a discount. We used the pass to see the Colosseum, Forum, & Borghese Gallery. We also stopped to see the Capuchin Crypt (not covered by the pass, but really interesting).

Learning about the lives of the ancient Romans at both the Colosseum and Forum was amazing. I could go on and on here, but you’ll easily find better information online. The size of the Colosseum & the history of the Forum (including the place where Julius Caesar’s corpse was burned) were both remarkable. The stories behind the building of the Colosseum and its history were all new to me. The tours of the Colosseum and Forum took us a little under three hours.

We then headed to Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. They’re not terribly historic, but they’re great to look at. We had something to drink, did a little shopping, and took a ton of pictures.

We left the Spanish Steps and headed over to the Borghese Gallery. On the way, we stopped to see the Capuchin Crypt. Wow. It’s built from the bones of over 4000 monks. There are also some full skeletons dressed in robes. There is a sign at one point that tells visitors, “what you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be.” It wasn’t a long visit, but it was interesting.

We walked past the U.S. embassy and were told no pictures were allowed. I was kind of surprised. It’s the exterior of a huge building visible from the street. It’s not like I was looking to take pictures of sensitive documents. Oh, well.

The Borghese Gallery is surrounded by a beautiful park. We couldn’t take pictures inside, but we were able to see some awe-inspiring works. As I’ve mentioned, Lisa is much more “artsy” than I am, but even I found the Gallery to be worth the visit.

We took a taxi back to the hotel, had a drink on the rooftop terrace, and then went to dinner at the restaurant next door (the one with the great pizza from Tuesday night). After dinner, we came back to the hotel, showered, and packed for our flight home.

The biggest problem with vacations is that they have to end!