After our long day yesterday, we slept in a bit today & had breakfast on the rooftop terrace. We had a great view of the city while eating a wonderful breakfast. (I liked the bacon; Lisa liked the croissants, both plain & chocolate.)

After breakfast, we headed to the Vatican Museum. We took a lot of pictures, except in the Sistine Chapel, where pictures are not allowed. It’s amazing to see the riches the church has accumulated. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts are all on display, along with a multitude of Renaissance (and earlier) paintings and sculptures.

But the Sistine Chapel was incredible. We used the Rick Steves audio tour and got a brief lesson on the history of the chapel and Michelangelo’s work. The ceiling is much more than just The Creation of Adam. Michelangelo’s history of the world (from creation through Noah’s Ark) spans the length of the ceiling, while the Last Judgment dominates the wall over the altar. The Last Judgment isn’t as famous, but I thought it was more impressive than The Creation of Adam.

After visiting the museum, we headed out to St. Peter’s Square. What a spectacle! A huge open area filled with hundreds (maybe thousands) of people at the base of the basilica and the Pope’s residence. We were planning to go into the basilica, but the line was unbelievably long and in full sun. By the time we got there, we were tired and didn’t feel like standing in the scorching heat for another hour or two. So we took pictures of the exterior and headed back to the hotel.

We had dinner down the street from our hotel at another street-side cafe. Again, we were treated to great food & great wine. We also had some street musicians stop by to play for us a few times.

We hit the rooftop terrace for a bit before going to sleep. Our trip seems to be coming to an end WAY too soon!